Sunday, 26 April 2015

Warhammer: The return!

So, after a long hiatus and a period of low enthusiasm I am back on the Wargaming band wagon. The Stoke Rogue's dalliance with Armies of Arcana as our main source of Fantasy wargaming, has come and gone (although we still intend to play the odd game now and again) and Warhammer has once again risen to pre-eminence as our Fantasy rules of choice. Not however, the latest sets available from Games Workshop. After some debate and a bit of soul searching it was decided by majority decision to return to our "golden era" of WHFB 6th Edition.

6th Edition was the point at which most of our current group of players felt that Warhammer was at its peak, and we played extensively during that period. Indeed, it was during 6th Ed that the Stoke Rogues tournament team burned ever so briefly (and not so brightly) on the national tournament scene. It was also during 6th Ed that our own Stoke Wargames Group Warhammer Tournament came into existence, and although we haven't run it for many years it is still occupies a special place in the hearts of those who played in and remember it.

So, it's early days, but I am really keen to crack on with this new lease of life for an old system. So stay tuned over the next weeks and months to see how thing pan out.