Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Progress report

Firstly an apology. Last Friday we did finish the game that we started on the 28/01/14. Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I could take a single photo, so I will just give a brief rundown of how it went.

Many warriors on both sides were lost. Dave's flank suffered heavily at the hands of the Chaos elite troops, whilst on my flank Ade’s lower quality troops were roughly handled by my Orcs. The decisive moment came from a "slight dodgy" ballista hit on the elite Chaos Chosen Knights, which killed enough to make them flee. This meant that both sides reached 30% loses at the same time, so both had to test. The Orcs got lucky and passed their army morale, the Chaos were less fortunate and failed - handing a very jammy win to the Orc commanders.

Another of our gaming group, Sean, was able to come along and watch that night. He has been interested in playing AoA with us for a while, and this game really fired him up to join in. The upshot is that this Friday we will repeat this format of the game. Dave and I will again bring 2000 points of Orcs each, whilst our opponents will be Ade with 2000 points of Chaos and Sean with 2000 points of Undead. With luck I will remember to charge my camera battery so that I can share some images with you.

In other news, most of Stoke Wargames Group went down to Alumwell this Sunday for the WMMS wargames show. This show has been a big favourite of ours over the years, and usually is considered to be one of the best shows on the calendar. I thought that this year was slightly below par, as usual there were some very nice demo games to see (Zulu's seemed to very popular this year for some reason), but otherwise I thought it was very uninspiring (unless you love laser cut mdf terrain which seems to be everywhere atm). Also, it may have just been me, but I thought that it didn't seem to be very well attended this year. Still it was good to see all the guys from the club as well as some old friends from the community. Special mention for the guys from our own club who put on a very nice looking (and worryingly topical) Crimean War demo.

Finally, Dave and I went to see my old trading buddy Tom this week. Dave picked up some nice additions to his Barbarian and Orc armies, whilst I acquired this beast to bolster my growing Giant collection. Giant Kings Army coming to a battlefield soon I think!

He comes from Black Scorpion miniatures, with a few extra bits and bobs added on.


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