Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sean of the DEAD!

This Friday we were very happy to be joined by Sean, for his first AoA outing. Once again Dave and I teamed up with 2000 points of Orcs each, whilst Ade and Sean had 2000 points of Chaos (Ade) and 2000 points of Undead (Sean). We played the standard "tournament" style game both sides looking to push the other to 30% losses or better.

Not a battle report as such, as again this was really a basic training session, but some nice pictures to feast your eyes upon.

The Orc heros!

The Orc infantry marches to battle!

Supporting fire!

A couple of new unit types, flyers and vehicles, to try out the rules!

Orc cavalry was in available in large numbers!

A few pictures from the game.

Orc left and right.

Unholy Alliance left and right.

More to follow soon!

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