Sunday, 2 March 2014

To Battle (28/02/14)

So, after witnessing last weeks battle, Dave was all fired up to take his lovely old school Orc army out for a spin. As there was going to be 3 of us we decided that Dave and I would take 2000 points of Orcs each and ally up, whilst Ade would up his Chaos boys to 4000 (roughly split into 2 2000 point chunks in case anybody else turned up and wanted to play). Strangely, both Dave's and my armies ended up looking pretty similar. We both had a unit of 10 Boar Boyz, a unit of 10 Longbow Orcs and 2 units of 20 Orc warriors. The only real difference was that Dave included some Trolls and a Giant, whilst I took a ballista and my new fav's the pumpwagons!

This is my army.

This is the positions early in the game (the Chaos stuff had just made its first move of the game at this point). Ade had put most of his best quality stuff on our left, the side that poor old Dave had ended up on. This left me facing a horde of low quality Marauder units.

The formidable Chaos center!

The brave Orc battleline!

On our extreme left Dave's Giant, Boar Boyz and Trolls face of against the elite Chaos cavalry.

On our extreme right a massed combat breaks out after I made a stupid move and get some Orc boys badly flanked. Luckily Ade's troops on this side aren't quite good enough to break through in 1 move and so reinforcements from both side pile in!

In the center things are very even as Ade's Chaos warriors with pole arms mash one of Dave's Orc units, whilst in turn my Boar Boys run down a big unit of Marauders!

This combat phase saw Dave's Giant die, 1 Orc unit wiped out, 1 Marauder unit broken and ridden down by Boar boys and a Marauder light cavalry unit break and flee! Many other combats were also going on, but most of them were inconclusive.

At this point we sadly ran out of time, but fear not as we have left the game set up to finish next Friday! Any experienced followers of the game will notice that at this point our tactics don't really extend beyond "line up and fight", but this is OK as the main thing is we are all having a good laugh and learning the rules.


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