Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

So, one of the things I enjoyed most about last Fridays game, was the fact that I got to use a unit of Giants! As a former WHFB player I haven't seen units of Giants since 3rd edition, as since then they have been classed a lone monster. This got me thinking that it would be nice one day to get all my giants on the battlefield, either in a Giant Kings army or as part of a "big game". To whet my appetite, I dug out some of my giants for a photo shoot.

Old Marauder giant - one of my favorite figures of all time, re-based for AoA.

Giant of Albion converted into an Ogre Kingdom Slave Giant

Another Marauder giant - this time pretty extensively converted.

GW giant, last metal giant before they went to plastic kits I believe.

Fe fi fo fum ask not whence the thunder comes! Group shot.

And finally the big daddy, affectionately known as Andre to his friends! A forgeworld piece that they sadly don't make anymore.

I know that I  have one of the new style plastic giants painted somewhere, but I cant find him at the moment. I'm also confident that somewhere in my hobby room I have both of the Giants of Albion that need to be assembled  and painted. Hopefully some time soon I can get all these gentlemen completed and based for something special - maybe if all the guys get their giants together as well it would be truly spectacular!


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